Windy Day in Paradise

The weather on our first day staying at The Warwick Fiji was not what we hoped for, with gale force winds, overcast skies and the odd rain shower. The day was still fairly warm though, and I was comfortable walking around in just shorts and a shirt, which was good as I did not pack a jacket, which may have been overly optimistic.

Windy Day in Paradise

The above picture sums up the day nicely. It is a composite of 64 images and you can clearly see the palm trees getting blown around while the rest of the scene is still. So what do you do in paradise when the weather sucks? You eat a lot, which to be fair you would probably do anyway, especially if the food is as good and varied as it is at the Warwick Fiji. Apart from that, my achievement for the day was booking a shark dive on Wednesday and reading half a book by the pool.

Warwick Fiji Aerial

Around 5pm the wind died down, which gave me a chance to get my Phantom 3 Pro drone into the air. Due to poor weather in Sydney I haven’t had as much practice as I would have liked before coming here, but I managed all right, getting some good pictures and video. I will edit the video and put it on youtube (and below) shortly if the hotels internet allows it. The below shot is taken from directly above, a style I like which is possible with the gimbal on the Phantom. Hopefully the sun comes out tomorrow and I can get some more shots.

The View from Above

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