A Visit to Amazing Kaohsiung – Taiwan

Dome of Light

There is an interesting display at Formosa MTR station, the main station in Kaohsiung. To view 360 photo in Gear VR, click on photo and place downloaded pic in Oculus/360Photos folder on your phone.

We had a much more comfortable train ride from Taichung City to Kaohsiung, as we took care to book tickets which included seats, and not board only with our Easycard. We decided to take the normal train on the way down south and the high speed rail on the way back. The limited express trip on the Mountain line took just over two hours.

Liuhe - Famous Taiwan Night Market in Kaohsiung, This is the view from where we are staying at the Sunnyside Hotel.l

We arrived at our accommodation, the Sunnyside Hotel, at around 3pm and although it was in the middle of the Liuhe night market area there was no sign of it (unless you count the large tourist sign at the start of the road). We rested for a bit and when we came back down at dusk the road was completely transformed.

Liuhe Night Market is one of the best food orientated markets in Asia, specialising in seafood. You will see all manner of creatures from the deep in the many varied stalls, some I even struggled to identify.

The market is very popular and a legitimate tourist attraction in its own right, I’m certain many people travel to Kaohsiung just to eat there!

Love River

Night time on love river in the city of Kaohsiung in Taiwan.

There are some nice areas to visit in Kaohsiung, many of them close to the rail line so easy to access. We could use the same Easycard we got in Taipei, which was convenient.

The first tourist place we visited after snacking at the night market was Formosa Station, which was a 5 minute walk from our hotel. Inside the stations is the amazing glass artwork called the Dome of Light, which is made up of 4500 lighted glass panels. On this trip I started experimenting with taking 360 photos, and took my first handheld shot in the station. If you have Gear VR or similar you can click on the top photo and download the 360 version.

Other places we visited included the Love River area and the Lotus Pond which featured a series of lit Pagodas, including the tiger and dragon pagoda below.

Kaohsiung was a great weekend break, and using the High Speed Rail it is not a big trip from Taipei to get there. Our return run to Taipei Airport took just over 2 hours.

There is ofcourse alot more to see in the area that we could see in a couple of nights. There is also some great diving nearby, which I will return and check out in the future.

Lotus Pond

The Lotus Pond area is famous in Kaohsiung for the colourful temples and structures along the water.
Seafood is the specialty of Liuhe night markets, with every imaginable variation on sale.

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