Up Close with the animals at Indonesia’s Taman Safari

Taman Safari is a large open plain zoo that gives a level access to it’s animals not common in western zoos. It is located in Puncak, near Bogor, around two and a half hours from Jakarta and 3 hours from Bandung.
It has a sister park in Bali called ‘The Bali Safari and Marine Park’.

Curious Zebras


The best way by far to get there is by private car, and try hard to avoid going on weekends. The park is designed to be driven through, so a car is required to experience all the park has to offer. We hired a car and driver for a very reasonable price from Bandung, as we were not confident driving ourselves.
Other options would be to rent a car or take a bus to Puncak and see if a taxi will take you through.

It costs tourists 300,000 rupiah for a day pass, which is around $24 USD.

Rude Giraffe

The park is divided into two main sections, the safari part and the more traditional zoo, which also includes an accommodation section. Staying the park is recommended, it’s great to sleep so close to wild animals, you get extra time to explore and you don’t have to make the gruelling trip back.

Accommodation is available on most hotel sites and if booked in advance and not on weekends is very reasonable, with rooms less than $50 US.

Making Friends

Most of the animals in the safari section roam free. All types of animals such as zebra’s, dear, impala and antelope will often approach your car for a closer look. There are different sections that contain more dangerous animals such as lions and pumas, who also roam free and can approach your car. It’s best to drive through these areas with your window up.

Baby Orang-utan

After you have driven through the safari section, there is a standard zoo to explore. The highlight of this area is the opportunity to interact with some of the animals. There are gazebos where you can hold an animal and have your photo taken (with your own camera), for a $1 fee.
When we visited there was a baby orang-utan, a baby lion and a teenage tiger.

Meeting a Tiger

The animals you can interact with are all fairly tame, although there are no guarantees and I don’t think Indonesia has much of a legal fallback when it comes to who is deemed liable for personal injury.

Lion Cub

I’ve been to Taman Safari twice now, and have enjoyed each visit immensely, especially for the photographic opportunities.

It is true it is an arduous journey to get there, but that can be said about most road trips within the country. It is well worth the effort though, and it is unlikely you will be disappointed if you visit.

The animals at Taman Safari are very friendly

Sumatran Tiger

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