The Crystal Clear Waters of Udo Island, S. Korea

I get excited whenever I get to ride on a ferry, for me even the smallest trips are an adventure. I enjoy being on the water, not sure if its breathing in the salty air or the motion of the waves but it just feels like anything can happen.

We left early on our first tour day, it was the first Saturday after Christmas and our guide expected it to be busy at the ferry terminal. It was, but we managed to get on the next car ferry over. Incidentals, such as ferry tickets, weren’t included in the tour so we forked, so we paid an extra $60, which wasn’t too bad.
If I went back I’m not sure if I would bother with a car again and just use the public transport on the island, but glad we had a car for this trip, as there were long queues.

U-do is only a few kilometers from Jeju-do, so the trip only took around 20 minutes, just long enough to get out of the car and take a few pictures of the seagulls following behind.

Seagull from Ferry

I’m still impressed with the photo’s I get from the Tamron 150-600 on the D810. Passengers were throwing food off the back of the ferry inducing a flock of gulls to follow us for the first few minutes.

Seobin-baeksa - Udo Island

The waters surrounding Udo Island are a crystal clear aqua similar to Mediterranean beaches like Nice in France.

Udo is so named as its shape resembles a cow sitting down. It is famous for scenic crystal clear beaches and peanuts. I was suprised by how nice the beaches were, the first beach we visited was called Seobin-baeksa and even though it was the middle of winter there was a small crowd of sightseers on the beach admiring the view.

Mermaid Statue

There were many sculptures scattered around the beaches and parks of Udo, this one featuring a mermaid theme. I think they were paying respect to the skin diving ladies of Udo Island, who worked hard to bring back shells and other seafood from the ocean floor.

We drove around the entire island, which only took a couple of hours including stops for lunch and snacks. The beaches everywhere were beautiful.

Black Sand Beach - Udo Island

If a place is visited by enough people they can leave an imprint and affect the energy of the area. If the visitors are happy and excited, it becomes a special place, alive and buzzing. Near the south east end of Udo Island, this is such a place, where people are happy just to be here, to walk along the beach or admire the view while eating a peanut ice-cream.

Our most enjoyable stop was at Black Sand Beach, where we enjoyed Peanut and Hallabong Orange ice-cream, served to us by Jimmy from his Natural Ice-cream Shop.

You can’t visit Udo Island without visiting Jimmy’s Natural Ice-cream shop. There are two flavours, Jeju Hallabong and Udo Peanut. We got one of both, as well as some of the local alcohol made from the Jeju oranges.

Waiting for the Ferry

Getting the ferry back was more hectic, as everyone decided to go home at once. We managed to insert ourselves into the long line of cars waiting for the limited car ferries and slowly inched forward. As we neared the wharf I got out to stretch my legs and took a few more photos.

We usually plan our time well, allocating future tasks and relaxation to fit in with our known schedule. What do you do when you suddenly have an unexpected hour to kill, stuck in a place you did not expect to be for more than a few minutes? Do you grab your phone and play games or do you escape outside and explore?

Ferry Back Home

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