Southgate Moveable Feast Review

The Moveable Feast is a novel idea and one that caught my attention when researching things to do on the Weekend Notes website. Simply, it involves having your entrée, main and dessert in three separate Southbank restaurants, hence the moving part. It runs for lunch on Sunday and dinner on Mondays from June 14th until August 3rd

Moveable Feast meeting Point


Great Value: We paid $85 each, which included 3 full courses, 2 glasses of wine and a coffee/tea with dessert. Based on what the restaurants were usually charging, at least one of the courses was free. (there is also a $65 option)

Exceptional Food: The restaurants naturally want to showcase their best examples of food. Our entrée included four different full sized dishes which were all exquisite.

Best Seats: Our tables were reserved for us in advance, and all had the best views overlooking the river.

Pure South Dining

Melbourne turned on an amazing afternoon for us, brilliant sunshine and blue skies with just a little breeze. Our assigned meeting place was near the above sculpture, where we met our guide for the day. She gave us a bag with a local event magazine, a free tea towel and a feedback form, then led us to our first stop.

We had our Entrée at Pure South Dining, which specialises in food exclusively from Tasmania, the island state at the bottom of Australia renowned for its fresh organic food. We were handed a specific Moveable Feast menu, which included four choices. I assumed we would be choosing two dishes from the selection, and was having a hard time deciding which, when the waitress informed us we would be getting all four! The selections we got were:

Huon Salmon Tartare, cauliflower, Cambodian curry

Flinders Island pasture-fed wallaby with pickled mushrooms and daikon

Hardy Family octopus in a garlic sauce with squid ink

Tasmanian Black truffle donuts with red cow dairy brie in the centre.

All the dishes were extraordinary, a fantastic start to the feast. My favourite was the raw salmon, which I mixed in with the puréed cauliflower. The truffle donuts were also very good, with warm melted cheese and black mushroom truffle in the middle.
 When we were finished, we walked back to our assigned meeting spot and our helpful guide took us to our next spot.


Our main was at Hophaus, a Bavarian style restaurant on the second floor of the Southgate complex. It was quite full and I was worried we would be stowed up the back somewhere, but the thoughtful staff had a table reserved for us in a prime position in the sun outside, overlooking the river.

We had three choices for our meal at Hophaus, thankfully only one per person this time!

Classic Wiener schnitzel with German potato salad.

Jagerschnitzel mushroom sauce.

Wood fired Market Seafood.

The schnitzel was excellent, really authentic and a motivation in itself to travel to the Bavarian region. The potato salad and sauerkraut that accompanied it was also top notch.
To accompany the meal I choose a German bier instead of wine, and it worked very well.
The Jagerschnitzel was delicious; the highlight of this dish was the thick sauce full of mushrooms and onions. They were big dishes too, and we honestly struggled to finish them. We took our time digesting and enjoying the view in the bright Melbourne sunshine before moving to our dessert location.


Bluetrain is a very popular restaurant on the top floor of Southgate, with a fun atmosphere. Here we could choose between four standard desserts or share a cheese platter, so basically sugar or savoury. Difficult choice, but we went with sugar.

The four choices we had this time were:

White Chocolate Domes

Honey Pistachio Sponge

Cherry Delight

Layered Childhood memories.

We chose the last two to share between us. The Cherry Delight had a couple of scoops of sour cherry sorbet on a bed of bitter chocolate dust.
It featured a chocolate dome that you had to crack open to get to the cherry jelly inside, and the Childhood Memories had three pieces of peanut and slated caramel fudge, with chocolate cake, roasted hazelnut, fresh berries and milo ice cream.

It was as good as it sounds, and surprisingly we got through most of it, although at this stage we were beyond full.

Ironically, after the Southbank Moveable Feast moving becomes more difficult as you do get a lot of food, all of it way too good to resist. We greatly enjoyed our experience and would recommend it to anyone curious to try. It’s especially good for visitors to Melbourne like us, as you get to sample three different restaurants from the extensive Southbank range.

Next time we might try dinner, although as they change the restaurants at each sitting we could do lunch again and get to try three more interesting restaurants. More details are available on the Southgate website here

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