Shanghai’s Bund and Yuyuan Garden

We spent a few days in Shanghai at the end of our tour through Vietnam and China, visiting Yuyuan Garden and the Bund.

The Bund


After five weeks on the road we were fairly exhausted by time we reached our final city, Shanghai, and didn’t feel like doing too much. Regardless, the underlying buzz and excitement of the region got to us and we soon found ourselves exploring the interesting Bund.

We walked along the path that followed the Huangpu River admiring the mix of historic and new buildings, many of which were flashing neon messages in a revolving pattern.

Dinner cruises seemed popular from the amount of people we saw lined up waiting to board just before sunset. We briefly looked into doing one, but couldn’t fit it into our tight schedule.


Nanxiang Tourist Markets

Another interesting place we visited on during our short time in Shanghai was Yuyuan Garden, in the Nanxiang area.

Outside this area is a bustling market full of all the normal tourist stuff, but there were also some side streets nearby that sold a variety of interesting antiques and niche items.

Shanghai is famous for its soup dumplings. These are like a standard meat dumpling, but also contain hot soup inside. Some of the larger dumplings even come with straws!

The Yu Gardens are well worth a visit for both the historic scenery and the dumplings. Be warned it is a tourist area which includes all the normal tourist traps, but if you don’t have a lot of time in the city it can be a good way to immerse yourself quickly.

Trap number one is the long line outside the Mantou Dian restaurant, famous for the soup dumpling Xiao Lun Bao. The dumpling officially originated from this area, so people naturally come here to try them, but this doesn’t mean they are the best tasting or best value. The only thing that is assured is the long wait to get one!

The gardens themselves are very scenic and have a long history. As it gets darker the buildings light up. There are also many interesting tourist and food shops in and around the complex.

The inner city area is full of amazing examples of modern architecture, including the Oriental Pearl Building.

Shanghai also has its share of quieter places, like the tranquil Century Park near our hotel.

Century Park - Shanghai

The Bund Timelapse

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