Monkey Mia Dolphins

Monkey Mia is not an easy place to get to, but the journey is worth it. You can fly direct using a Skippers Aviation, a small local airline that flies out of Redcliffe 4 days a week, or alternatively you can drive the 850 kilometres from Perth.

The drive is about ten hours straight, but with many interesting places to visit on the way I recommend you make Monkey Mia part of a larger trip.

This is what I did, taking two weeks to explore the coastal areas all the way up to Coral Bay. I spent three relaxing days at Monkey Mia and was impressed by the natural environment which included many close encounters with the local dolphin community.

Monkey Mia Sunset

Monkey Mia is a typical small Australian holiday town; flat out busy during peak season, much slower during normal times. I found the people I met to be a mix of caravaners, backpackers and day trippers, and all infected by the laid back atmosphere of the North WA region.

I stayed at the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort which is a caravan park slash cabin setup with many different accommodation options, including packages with cruises and camel rides.
Apart from the natural attractions, there’s not a lot else in the area so be prepared to amuse yourself, or better yet, get out and interact. There is a very good restaurant called the Boughshed that has a great seafood platter, and it’s hard to walk past the Monkey Bar after a long day, but if you want more you will have to drive into Denham on the Shark Bay side.

Pelicans and Dolphins

Monkey Mia is home to a community of dolphins that turn up regularly, often approaching very close to the shore. The DEC (Department of Environment & Conservation) run an interactive dolphin experience each morning that usually involved feeding the dolphins a small snack. The cost of this is included in the small fee to enter the Monkey Mia area and also contributes to ongoing dolphin research.

The researchers know all the dolphins well, and are very protective of their well being, taking great care to only let the mammals eat a small amount, ensuring their normal hunting habits remain and they do not become dependant on people.

The dolphins are very friendly but you must of course respect them as wild animals. It is very likely you will see them each day, often cruising quite close to the shore.

Dolphin Encounter

There are other natural activities in the area as well as organised sports. There are some great walks nearby, the beach is not as pretty as some of the places further north, but it has its own character and the sunsets on the mid north coast can be spectacular.

Camel rides are run out of Monkey Mia on a regular basis, and are a great way to explore the area. Dolphin feeding occurs a few times a day and if you are in line early you can often participate. Link

If you are into star gazing or astrophotography, Monkey Mia is in a great location far from the distortion of civilisation.

The Shotover is a sailing boat that runs cruises from the Monkey Mia pier. Apart from exploring the wild local area, you have a chance to see Dugongs and Dolphins.  Link

Monkey Mia Dolphin Video

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