Live Blog Archive 2 – Garie Beach, Sydney

Today I’m off to The Royal National Park to look for a secluded place to fly my new drone before using it to film some resorts in Fiji two weeks from now.

Wind Swept Beach

2:00pm I knew as soon as I got to Garie beach that it was going to be too windy to fly the drone. I’m still learning the limits I can fly within, but I’m pretty sure I would have an issue in this 20 knot plus onshore.

South Side

The tide was pretty high as well, which would make the walk down to Era Beach difficult as well.

Too Windy

I brought my Nikon D810 with me as well today, which meant I was shooting from two cameras at once. (Three if I got the drone up).

I’m very impressed with my new camera, the Sony Rx100 M4, which I purchased to use mainly for underwater photos. As it is very small and has wireless it also makes a convenient walk around camera that can be used to update my site ‘On the Go’.

Beach Path

The new camera has a 1″ sensor, so the quality is behind the full frame D810, but not by as much as you would think, and the Sony has some interesting features such as a Smoothing feature which combines dozens of shots into something like the above picture.

North Garie

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