Live Blog Archive 1 – Barangaroo, Sydney

Live now on way to Barangaroo in Sydney. Latest post is first, scroll down to read from beginning. 26th September 2015

The rain is back


7:15pm The rain returned with a vengeance so this will be last shot for today. Tomorrow I need to practise with the drone before Fiji in 2 weeks, so I’m thinking somewhere south might be a bit quiet, maybe around the Royal Nat Park. Will blog live again tomorrow.

Bridge after Dark


7pm The rain stopped briefly so I was able to get a shot of the bridge before heading back home.

Before the rain


6:15pm The rain has settled in now, so I’ve taken refuge in a bar near the Quay. Not sure if it will abate, so this may be last pic today.

Fishing at sunset


5:30pm Messed around a bit with the timelapse function before heading back towards Circular Quay, taking this shot just before sunset. I noticed the reflection in the window as I passed by and framed my shot to include the window and fisherman. I’m hoping to get some good shots of the bridge and opera house as the lights come on.

Food Hall 

4:45pm I wandered into this interesting hall looking for some food. I think the plan is to load it with food trucks in the future, but for now there is only  one inside and it is closed now.

Casino View


As expected, there’s a great view of the new casino that is being constructed, the approval of which was helped by the agreement to develop Barangaroo Headland into this interesting park.

Bridge Rainbow


4pm Soon after last update this rainbow briefly appeared.

View from Barangaroo Headland 


3:50pm There’s a nice view of the Harbour Bridge from the first Barangaroo headland. Not sure if park is open after dark, but if it is will make for some great night shots.

Many Weddings


3:15pm It is a busy day for wedding photographers today, I haven’t seen this many weddings since my trip to Sanya last March.
Opera House

3pm This camera has a lot of interesting features I plan to play around with today. Unfortunately many of them require a tripod, and although I am carrying tripod around with me,I left the tripod plate attached to my D810, which gives you an idea of my organisational talent. The above pic is a smoothing feature which combined 64 pictures. Lucky for me there are a few flat posts around I can rest camera on.

Circular Quay Ferry

2pm Took the train to Circular Quay, playing around with new camera as I go. As it,s wireless I will be able to update pics On The Go, which has been something I’ve aspired to as you can probably guess from the title of my site.








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