Gunu Beach, Yasawa Islands – Fiji

Our next stop on our Captain Cook Yasawa Island 4 night cruise was Gunu Beach. Gunu is on the north end of Naviti Island, and was the first beach we visited in the Yasawa island chain. It is also the home of Gunu Village, where we got to meet many of the friendly locals.

Gunu Beach Aerial

Gunu is a beautiful tropical palm lined sandy beach on Naviti Island, home also to Gunu Village. We were fortunate the weather was near perfect on the afternoon we visited, with blue skies and only a light breeze.

I took my Phantom 3 drone with me and soon had it up in the air, which caused some excitement with both the locals and the ship’s crew, all of which wanted to know all about it and view the pictures from the iPad screen attached to the remote.

Gunu Beach Panorama

Gunu beach was perfect for most water sports, we all enjoyed kayaking, paddle board riding and snorkelling, although the better reef was further from shore, so the ship tendered people out there separately.

The beach was also perfect for sunbathing, and just enjoying the local environment.

Gunu Village Kids

We were soon mingling with the local villagers, who brought us coconut drinks (i.e., a coconut with a straw in it), and mangoes straight from a tree, which were delicious and tangy.

The kids were amazing and very keen to have their photo taken, throwing a practiced pose whenever a camera was pointed in their direction.

Gunu Beach

The villagers asked me if I could fly the drone again, closer to their village, which I did, surrounded by thirty or so adults and kids all wanting to see an aerial view of their home. I took the above shot of the beach just north of the village, joining two shots using the panorama function in Light Room.

The pictures from the Phantom 3 Drone are all 4:3, which is a bit square for my liking. Instead of cropping them I am now attempting to take a panoramic series, with mixed results. The 20mm lens tends to curve the horizon, which is exacerbated by connecting two or more pictures. I am sure there is technique that will improve results that I will learn in the future.

After our beach visit we returned to the ship to freshen up before coming back to have a Fijian style dinner in the village. Just as we were leaving I spotted a boy coming back from a spearfishing trip carrying the days catch and asked him to pose for the below picture.

Fishing Kids

Village Cat

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