Gear VR Travel Blog Project – Melbourne City

I’ve recently got into 360 photography and have started this Gear VR Travel Blog Project as a way to incorporate the images into a semi practical format. There is no way I know of  to easily display a blog or anything other than photos and videos on the Gear VR, but the Oculus 360 photos app shows slideshows which can be paused and played one screen at a time, which allows some control.
My initial concept is to simply display my travel blog articles as slides, alternating between pages with text and standard photos and immersive 360 photos.
To view this article and photos in Gear VR all you need to do is download the images and add to the Oculus 360Photos folder. To view, pause slideshow and use Gear VR controls to move from page to page.

You can download the zip with 5 jpegs here. Place these into Oculus/360Photos folder manually on your Samsung phone by moving from Download Folder (if sent via bluetooth, or place directly in folder if via USB). Sort folder by name so slides are in correct order. You can even place in a separate folder within the 360Photos folder and the Oculus app should be able to find them.
From Gear VR headset open 360 Photos app, click on My Photos at the bottom and then open the 360Photos folder. Select the first slide, pause the slideshow using Gear VR Headset controls, then move through slides manually.

Arts Centre at Night

Using the Nkon 20 mm I was able to get the complete Arts Centre Spire into the frame, as opposed to using the Sigma 35 a couple of weeks ago.

I travelled to Melbourne recently to visit my famly for Christmas. The weather was terrible, fluctuating from boiling hot to cold and windy day to day.  We spent a day in town and had lunch on the tram car restaurant, which was a novel experience. After that we did some shopping in the rain at Southbank and around Bourke Street Mall.

Just before sunset the rain cleared and I was able to get a few pictures around the city. The first 360 picture is taken from Princes Bridge looking west down the Yarra River and Southbank. This is an iconic location in Melbourne, especially after dark when the Arts Centre Spire is lit up as per the photo above.
I use a 15mm Fisheye to take 360’s which requires 6 shots. To set up the shot I moved along the bridge unitl the sun was masked by the buildings then waited for a Melbounre horse and carriage to trot past me in the background.

After Princes Bridge we walked up to Flinders Street Station, which due to recent terrorist  activity was under heavy protection.
Not wanting to create an issue I asked one of the many security personnel if it was okay to use my tripod with 360 panoramic head outside the station, in a quiet area.

The guard told me that it was illegal to take photos of Flinders Street Station, but suggested taking pictures from the other side of the road from the Church, which actually offered a good vantage point.
I set up my gear and took the shot in the next slide.

The last stop after taking pictures on the corner of Swanston and Flinders Street was just up the road, at Flinders Lane, which is famous for its graffiti. I took the picture below on a trip to Melbourne last year and remembered thinking at the time it would be nice to capture the entire scene, as the effect of being surrounded by all that paint and colour is an experience. Now thanks to 360 VR I can convey more of that, as you can see in the final slide if you download and view.

Flinders Lane at Night

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