Diving Sydney’s Bare Island

Bare Island

Bare Island Dive Site - I also took a 360 Photo you can view in Gear VR. Click on photo to download and place in Oculus/360Photos folder.

Sydney’s Bare Island is a popular scuba diving  location in La Perouse, south of Sydney on Botany Bay. It is great for beginners due to its sheltered waters, but also offers a wide variety of Sydney marine life for the more experienced diver. We dived there again recently after a bit of a break trying other spots, and renewed our appreciation of this amazing place.

Richard and Bluey the Groper bond.
Bluey the resident blue groper male at Bare Island, grabs a snack during our dive on the west side this morning.

Conditions were not great when we arrived, overcast with a bit of a southerly blowing, and things were not that much better in the water, with murky green visibility at just over 5 metres. Water was a little cool at 20 degrees C, but not too unpleasant.
We entered at the boat ramp on the west side of the island right on high tide, then made our way around to the sponge gardens at the front of the island, where we were immediately accosted by Bluey, the local large Blue Groper, who would not let us alone until we had pulled free a sea urchin for him to snack on.

Eastern Blue Devil Fish

This beautiful fish watched us curiously as we approached, then shyly entered his cave as we passed by.

Our goal on this dive was to find some pygmy pipehorses, or maybe a leafy sea dragon, which are spotted fairly often at Bare Island, so we spent most of the dive around the same area search amongst the weedy rocks, which was a nice change from the normal long distance swims we normally do.

We didn’t find any horses or dragons, but we were pleasantly surprised by a curious Eastern Blue Devilfish that watched us as we swam by.

Green Moray Eel

The deepest spot we found in the sponge garden was 14 metres, and because we were hovering around the same area we stretched our air out over the one hour mark, which is pretty good going for us.

On the way back we found a small wobbegong resting in a cave and a very active green moray eel, that took an interest in his reflection on my camera lense.

So fairly poor weather, average vis but a very enjoyable dive overall, in large part due to our staying around the same area and exploring it thoroughly.

When we exited the water the weather had improved alot, the sun was out and the wind had died down, which led to the area becoming overcrowded. On sunny summer weekends you really need to be there early as it fills up quickly.

Small fish floating around the weeds at bare island.

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