Diving with Manta Rays in Bali

Our group stayed in one spot as the Mantas circled around us.

On our first day of diving with Bali Aqua we boarded a boat off Sanur beach and cruised for 40 minutes out to Nusa Penida. We did our first dive in the fascinating Crystal Bay before heading east to the Manta cleaning station.

Had a great day today diving with Bali Aqua. We visited Manta Point and were not disappointed.

This was an amazing dive. After disappointment last year in Fiji at another Manta Point I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high, but our dive master Ferry was pretty confident we would see at least a few at the cleaning station. We descended as a group to the bottom in around 12 metres and quickly looked around for any sign of Mantas.

We just looked on as the Mantas swam by the cleaning station.

We didn’t have long to wait, soon a fever of rays rounded the reef and headed straight for us. I would have counted my self lucky to see even three or four Mantas, but we easily saw twenty or more on that dive, swimming around in large circles while smaller fish cleaned them of parasites.

The mantas were exciting to watch. They were very active, sometimes squabbling with each other in a flurry of flapping wings. For us it was just a matter of getting into a good position to watch them or finding the best angle for a photo or go pro video. Sometimes the rays would round a corner and appear quite close, but generally stayed clear of us as they swam around, showing little interest in what we were doing.

Mantas circiling the reef.

All up we spent 45 minutes watching the Mantas, and didn’t it fly by. By far one of my most enjoyable dives in near perfect conditions.
Bali Aqua were very professional and highly recommended as the dive company to use in Bali. With lunch on board and three dives, the total cost was around 160K rupiah which was a little cheaper than some of the other shops I looked into.

Mostly I took shots without strobes as the mantas were too far away. For this shot I used another fish as the foreground

Manta Point - Bali

Our group stayed in one spot as the Mantas circled around us.

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