Darling Harbour Night Lights

After spending the day at a NRL Grand Final lunch, followed by a couple of drinks at the Star City casino, I walked back through Darling Harbour towards Town Hall station, taking a few photo’s of the night scenes along the way.

James Craig Tall Ship at night

Once again I am impressed by the picture quality possible from my new Sony Rx100 m4. I would not have been able to carry my D810 around at a work function but had no problem slipping the Rx100 into my suit pocket, which made it possible to take these pictures as I made my way back home.

Above is the tall ship James Craig, which sits on exhibit along side the Maritime Museum.

AE1 Submarine Memorial

This shot, also taken at the Maritime Museum, has the AE1 memorial in the foreground and the Cape Bowling Green lighthouse in the background.

The AE1 was a submarine that disappeared mysteriously with all hands in 1914, shortly after an engagement off German New Guinea in the first world war. No trace of her was ever found.

Cape Bowling Green lighthouse was replaced by an automated station a number of years ago, and moved to this spot in 1994. The lighthouse formally warned ships away from a small sandy spit south of Townsville.


Under the Pyrmont Bridge

The small sensor camera is obviously not going to compete with a full frame dslr for high ISO night shots, but it is still capable of some decent photos.

This was taken at 6400 iso, which resulted in a bit of noise and loss of resolution. I’m okay with a bit of grain for street photo’s but will lower the maximum ISO in future to capture more detail.

Darling Harbour at Night

This shot was taken with the smoothing app, which takes around 60 photo’s and combines them. So far this is my favourite feature on the camera, though I’m keen to try out the star trail app too, which makes movies from moving star scenes.

From Darling Harbour I made my way up to George Street then onto Town Hall Station, taking a few shots on the way, but only the one below was of any note.

Sydney City Street View

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