Crescent Head Weekend

Crescent Head, on the Mid North New South Wales Coast, has long been a favourite weekend destination for surfers and long boarders, who come to ride one of the longest waves around.

Crescent Head Sunrise

So, my friend Boe was celebrating a birthday and decided he wanted to visit our old surfing haunt up at Crescent Head. He invited us up, and we accepted, booking into a cabin in the Crescent Head caravan park. His birthday was on Friday, which was the same day we flew back into Sydney from Sanya.


Crescent Morning Surf

Jumping in the car for a five hour drive straight after an overnight flight seemed like sensible planning when conceived, but the reality was I was pretty beat by the time we got there. We checked in after dark, and after a brief birthday celebration with Boe and family I slept the sleep of the dead.

Pebbly Beach

The next morning I awoke completely refreshed and went out looking for some fresh surf. Crescent Head is near Port Macquarie on the NSW North Coast, 500kms from Sydney. It is a famous surfing location that boasts long powerful rides when the conditions are right. They were not very right that morning, but improved before lunch and we were able to get in a decent session.

Sun goes down at Crescent Head

Crescent is an idyllic semitropical location to visit. The cabins in main caravan park may not be the most modern, but they are cost effective and right close to the beach. There are nicer places to stay, but few more convenient.

We enjoyed some drinks and snacks on the beach as the sun went down, watching a pod of dolphins swimming back and forth through the waves. For dinner we chose the Country Club above the Bistro, and enjoyed a thick steak and chicken parmy.

Crescent Head Starscape

On the way back I marveled at how clear the night sky was, and knew I had to take some pictures. These are the first real star shot attempts since I got the new Nikon 20mm f1.8 and I am very happy with the results.

Racecourse Beach

Up the next morning at sunrise to check out the surf. I’m not sure why. I think the original idea was that it was less crowded that early, but then everyone started surfing then and by 8am the breaks were usually empty.

Regardless, there was less than nothing on Sunday Morning, so we went for coffee instead. That morning the Crescent Head beach market was on, so we perused for an hour or so before heading south along the coast to look for a decent wave, stopping at Racecourse beach for a quick dip and sunbake.

Racecourse Surf

From Crescent to Port Macquarie there are a few different routes, some of them more adventurous than others. We chose the extreme option and drove for twenty or so kilometers on the sand, then caught the ferry into the town centre, where we enjoyed a fish and chip lunch. We had an uneventful drive back, though I did once again sleep well.

Port Macquarie Beach Drive

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