Camel Riding on Cable Beach, Broome

Broome is a long way from just about everywhere. From Sydney its a four hour flight to Perth, then another two and a half hours from Perth after a stopover.

Flights on Virgin and Qantas are around $400 one way or 25,000 points, so it can be more expensive than going overseas, which makes sense as it is actually further than some Pacific destinations.

It is a unique place though, and worth the trouble to get there. Cable Beach is beautiful, and boasts a huge tidal range at eight plus metres during full and new moons. The effect of this tide on the beach is transforming, completely changing the beach hour by hour.

Cable Beach, Broome

Cable Beach, Broome

Apart from huge tides, Cable beach is famous for camel riding. We booked with Broome Camel Safaris, choosing the popular sunset ride, which cost $80 per adult for an hour.
You can do cheaper, shorter rides in the morning or before sunset, but you can’t beat the experience of riding a camel on the beach while watching the sun go down.

We met on the beach at the agreed time, following the camels along the road as they were transported to the beach. We were treated to an interesting back story about the camels and how they came to be in Australia, then after some basic instruction we matched to our camel and got underway.

Camel Riders

Two people ride on each camel, so be sure to bring a friend. They walk with a slow loping gait that is not uncomfortable, although the camels can lurch from time to time. They were all tied together in a line, and for the most part behaved themselves, with a few notable noisy exceptions.
Each camel had it’s own personality, some of the younger ones got a bit vocal every now and then, but did nothing to cause distress for their riders.

Sun Goes Down on Cable Beach

The guides that led the camels were mostly traveling backpackers, but they were well trained; they were all very professional and we felt safe and well informed.

Riding along the beach at sunset is nothing short of magical. We walked along the beach for around half an hour before turning around and heading back, just as the sun began to hit the water.

Camel Riding Sunset

We greatly enjoyed our sunset camel ride, it was a highlight of our Broome trip and highly recommend for anyone who makes the trip to the wild North West Coast.

We arrived back just as it was getting dark and after thanking our guides and camels we stopped at a nearby restaurant on the beach and enjoyed a delicious seafood dinner.

Shadows on the Sand


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