Bali Day Tour

I spent a week in Bali on a dive trip recently. I had a rest day between dive locations and wanted to see the sights. After a bit of haggling I secured a car, driver and guide for 600K Rupiah, which was a pretty good deal for 12 hours of exploring. Just after 9am we set of on our Bali Day Tour.

The rice terraces on the way to Ubud are a great place to stop for a break

Our first stop was for Babi Guling for breakfast. This famous Indonesian roast pork dish is delicious, but I questioned having it in the morning, as it seemed more like a lunch or dinner meal. Turns out the meat is freshly prepared in the morning, so this is when it is most tender. It was one of the best meals I had in Bali, but a little more spicy than I was used to.

After breakfast we headed towards Ubud, stopping at Tegalalang Rice Terrace on the way. The view here is the classic rice field scene you see in postcards, and there are plenty of restaurants overlooking the landscape, so it makes a good place to stop for a drink or a snack on the way.

Our next stop on our Bali Tour was Goa Gaja, on old Hindu temple and the remains of a broken buddist temple.

Our next stop was the temple site Goa Gajah. This site is famous for it’s uniquely decorated elephant cave. There is also the ruins of an old Buddhist temple which are interesting to view, as well as pools and fountains.

Sometimes you have too many good shots to choose from.. it is so easy to take great shots of monkeys close up at the Monkey Forest the main consideration is getting the right setup. As always I found the background I liked then waited for someone to walk into it.

The Ubud Monkey Forest was a highlight of our tour. The monkeys are fun to watch and the park is on a nice reserve with surrounding jungle and a river. You need to be careful around the monkeys though. One source of entertainment was watching newly arrived visitors that purchased food to feed the monkeys screaming as they were harassed by a dozen of the hungry mammals.

We spent an hour or so walking around in the heat, then found an air conditioned café in Ubud where we enjoyed a cold drink.

A walk around the back of the temple

We had some more local food for lunch, this time a Padang style restaurant, which was a buffet style selection. Where I was staying in Sanur most of the restaurants were aimed at tourists, so it was good to get a chance to eat some real local food.

Our second last stop was another temple, this one called Pura Samuan Tiga, followed by a fairly long drive through the backroads to our final destination Tanah Lot. We spent a couple of hours here, enjoying the views and surrounding gardens while we waited until the sun set.

All up I had a great day visiting some of the more famous sights on my Bali Day Tour, and spent very little doing so. All the places we visited cost only a few dollars to enter and renting a car and driver for the day was much cheaper than using taxis.

Our last stop of the day was Tanah Lot, the famous temple in Bali that can only be reached at low tide.

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