A Walk around Barangaroo, Sydney

Barangaroo is a new parkland area on Sydney Harbour, a short walk from Circular Quay. It has just opened to the public, having been recently developed as part of the new casino being built in the area, and I decided to check it out one Saturday in Spring.

Opera House

I took the train to Circular Quay and followed the path along the harbour, stopping on the way to take a few pics.
I have recently purchased a new Sony RX100m4 camera, and wanted to test it out as a light walk around camera. I got it mainly to use for underwater photography with a housing, (I have an upcoming trip to Fiji), but had heard it took pretty good shots in general, and wanted to test out some of it’s interesting features.

The above shot was taken using an app on the camera called ‘Smooth Reflection’, which took 64 shots and combined them into one, giving a similar effect to a long exposure.

Big day for Weddings

All the shots on this post were taken with the Sony RX100 m4. Overall I am very happy with the camera and picture quality, and as it is small enough to fit in the pockets of my jeans, I will take it everywhere.

The camera is also wireless, so I can upload pictures and commentary while I am out walking around, using just the camera and my mobile phone or iPad, which I did on this shoot. You can check out my first attempt here or keep an eye on travelonthego.net/liveblog where my latest updates will always be.

As I made my way towards Walsh Bay I was surprised by the number of wedding photoshoots I saw. Normally you see one or two on a Saturday afternoon, but this Spring day I saw a dozen in the space of an hour.

Barangaroo Rainbow

The weather was a bit iffy as I passed through the renovated warehouses of Walsh Bay and around to the Barangaroo Park entrance, where it started to rain. I walked down to the first headland to check out the view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge when the rain stopped and a rainbow appeared, which was good timing for me.

The view of the Bridge from Barangaroo is pretty good. I’m not sure if the park is open at night, but if it is I will return later and get some photos at night. I imagine watching the New Years fireworks display would also be good from here.

Casino View

Barangaroo Park is still fairly small. They are still building the casino, as you can see from this shot, after which I imagine it will become larger and you will be able to walk all the way from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay along the waters edge.

The park as it currently stands is in three main parts. The lower level has a walking and bike path that follows the water, while the upper lever (5 flights of stairs up if you have a fitbit) has a sloping lawn area and walking paths with views of Darling Harbour, Sydney Harbour Bridge and even a segment of Anzac Bridge.

Barangaroo Food Hall

The third part of the park is an interesting hall that looks like it is still being developed. I think the plan is to populate the area with a variety of food trucks, but when I visited there was only one and it was closed. It’s a good idea though, and hopefully works out, as it will open up some food possibilities.

Walsh Bay Storm

The weather took a turn of the worse and I made my way back through Walsh Bay as the rain stopped and started, getting another shot with the Smooth Reflection app, just as the sun went down, followed by the below picture of the bridge.

Harbour Bridge at Night

The Sony camera also takes pretty decent 4K video. I’m still very new in this field, so my efforts are a bit rough, but if you liked the images above you can play the video below to see the move.

Barangaroo Video

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