A Night in KL

It is very hard to capture the towers from the front.

Traveling from Bali to Taipei I have a one day stopover in Kuala Lumpur. I mostly rested, venturing out after dark to take a couple of shots of the famous towers.

View of the city from Berjaya Times Square

Getting sick when you are traveling is the worst, but if you go for extended trips on even a semi regular basis you need to be prepared for the odd sick day on the road. On my last dive day in Bali I felt pretty ordinary, and by that night I had a sore throat and fever. After a good bit of denial (sometimes you can talk yourself out of being ill on holiday) I self diagnosed myself with tonsillitis, which I get pretty badly every couple of years since I was 10.

There is a nice park behind the main complex that has interesting views.

My plans to visit Taman Safari Marine park on my last day in Indo were cancelled and after getting some antibiotics and fruit juice I retreated into my hotel room and rested.
The next morning I was up at 4am to catch a flight to KL, still very ill but manageably so. My biggest concern was getting my hotel in Berjaya Times Square and having to wait 4 hours to check in, but fortunately for me the staff were kind enough to let me check in early.

This is my favourite shot of the night, I like the silhouette of the people on the bridge.

I rested again until sunset, then ventured outside. I hadn’t eaten for nearly two days at this point, so I forced myself to eat some rice porridge and fruit to keep my energy up. I then hired a taxi who took me to the front of the Pertronas Twin Towers.

As I wanted to visit a couple of different places I worked out a deal with the taxi driver as I didn’t want to walk around. I’m glad I did, as it was difficult to get a good shot of the towers from the front so we drove around until he dropped my off at the entrance to the park at the rear of the complex.

This place had some great angles, and I spent over an hour here taking the photo’s above, which I was very happy with. Afterwards I was pretty tired, so just went back to the hotel to rest before my morning flight to Taipei.

From Bali I had looked at booking direct flights to Taiwan as one day stopovers can be tiring. In the end stopping at KL saved my over a hundred dollars even after paying for accommodation and transport. I had originally planned a more extensive agenda for my stopover, but considering how ill I was everything worked out okay. I got to rest for a day and still get a couple of good pics.

Light Show behind the towers.

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